Finally, our first (and only) free day to explore as we pleased and nothing on the agenda. Yay! We slept in, left our hotel around 10am and headed straight for the local market. We’d been there once before but with our guide so didn’t have time to roam and really explore. We spent two full hours there, people watching, bartering for small souvenirs or gifts and of course taking pictures. After a great lunch overlooking the street we wandered around the old town for a while before heading back to the hotel for a nap before our dinner reservations. Not a busy day, but that was the plan. Now we are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for our next three days in Amazonia. Once again, we will be off the grid with no access to wifi, but with excursions lined up for the jungle I’m sure I have at least one or more two posts left when we’re back in the land of wifi.

In the meantime, some pictures from today, mostly of the market:)