It’s Thursday and this week is just whizzing by. We had booked tickets for the Luau at a local resort for tonight, for which we needed to be home by around 4pm, so we couldn’t stray too far. So we decided to head north to some well known snorkel areas, known for their turtle activity.

Our first stop was at a bay just south of the Ironman beach swim area. We snorkeled around, and it was great, but no turtlesL We headed into the nearby town for the famous fish tacos (it was a dive bar, but great service and delicious tacos) and then headed back to the beach where Chris swam during the Ironman, Hapuna Beach, where we hung out for most of the afternoon, playing in the surf and crashing into waves or catching them on the boogie boards that came with the condo we rented. A super fun afternoon.

We got back home just in time for a shower and to rush over to the Luau resort. We had no preconceived ideas of what to expect. We arrived just as it was starting – 200 people or so were seated at long outdoor tables with a buffet line to the side and an open bar (2 Mai Tais please!). Over the loud speakers a man announces that we should move to the water to watch our performers arrive on traditional canoes. In full traditional costume, a group of locals arrive on shore and make their way to the stage to dance the traditional dance, the Hula.

Throughout the night we gorged on local traditional food (poke – raw ahi tuna – rice, fish etc) and watched a series of dances, each representing one of the Polynesian islands, including Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand. Very cool, very entertaining and also educational! A great night and something I would recommend to anyone visiting the island.