about me

I started this blog when I was headed to Asia for the first time. And I was going alone. I created this blog mostly to ease my mom’s fears. In fact, one of the original names I considered for this blog was ‘Don’t worry, Mom, I’m ok’. It also served as a great way for friends and colleagues to follow my travels without me inundating their inboxes with a mass email. And now, years on, it serves as a great journal and reminder of the great times I’ve had traveling.

My philosophy has always been that travel is always worth it. The bigger the adventure the better. Cheap and cheerful is often my favourite way to travel, staying at guest houses or inns; I meet more people that way.

I consider myself a high-low maintenance traveler: when traveling alone I like to save money on accommodation but require a clean bed, my own room (as opposed to six-to-a-room hostels…but have been known to share a room with a fellow female solo-traveler to save on costs); hot water (once I had to settle for hot water only 12 hours of the day while in a low end beach resort in Myanmar); and wifi is always a much-coveted bonus.

My high-maintenance travel item is a hairdryer with a diffuser – if traveling to a new part of the world for any extended amount of time I will spend the first day or so tracking down a hairdryer (with diffuser attachment) with the local outlet requirement. So far I have collected 2 other than that used in North America.

Oh, and I travel carry-on only. It’s a challenge and makes flight delays a lot easier and stress free. It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone for – so far my record is a month spent in two climates.

The photos I include are unedited and uploaded as I go. Enjoy them for what they are: a way of letting my mom know I’m safe and having a good time:)