So taking the night bus from Yangon to Bagan left me with little sleep, and subsequently a cold:( No matter, biking and fresh air was the perfect medicine.

Day two of Bagan was pretty much temples, temples, temples. But a day of bike riding and temples always starts out with a good meal. Here we are having an early lunch of a tapas-type Burmese lunch. They serve you a table full of dishes and then only charge you for what you eat. Each dish ranges in price from 100 kyat (10 cents) to 3000 ($3). Amazing.

Sunsets are my favourite time of Bagan. This day we happened across an area of multiple little temples. When we stopped to explore them we started chatting to the man selling his sand paintings. Towards late afternoon we asked him where the best area for seeing the sunset was. He lead us through the cluster of stupas (small temples) and down a path through some long grass to an old monastery about two to three stories tall. He lead us up the narrow stairwells and up onto the roof. The perfect place to see the sunset.