Day 3 of my Cambodia stay, and we lost one of our travel buddies, Janet. She had already planned a bike tour from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh on Sunday so it was just Melissa and I for another day of adventure. Our guide and friend, Sokky, was busy today, so we hired our tuk tuk driver from day 1, Bob, to take us a little further afield to visit Beng Mealea and Kampong Pluk, the floating village.

First, Beng Mealea. Much like Ta Phrom (the Tomb Raider temple), this temple is also best known for the destruction it has endured over the years, mostly due to overgrowth of trees. Once again we were lucky, and a local man saw us and provided us a muted tour; he didn’t speak english other than the occasional ‘east gate’ or ‘bridge’ but lead us through the temple ruins and pointed out interesting things, offering up great camera angles, and even offering to take a couple of pictures of me when Melissa and I got separated. Fantastic day, and amazing to see the ruins and climb all over them.