Arrived tired but happy to be in Bangkok. After an overpriced cab ride to the hotel (I really have to start doing more research on reasonable prices) I checked in and set out for the day. I asked the concierge to point me in the direction of a floating market, and he arranged to have a cab take me to one outside the city. We arrived about an hour later and I took a boat ride through the market and to see a coconut sugar ‘factory’. Much like maple syrup, coconut sugar is made my boiling down the coconut sap from the trees into a sweet drink.
A bit of a tourist trap (noted by the exhorbitant prices for the boat ride, the market was still worth seeing. Stall upon stall of handcrafted souvenirs, clothes, tea and spices I had a great time taking pictures and ‘window shopping’ from the boat. I also sampled some of the treats there: delicious! My first thought was how amazing it is that Thailand isn’t a country of fat people. The food so far has been great! Fresh mango with sweet sticky rice. Freshly bbq’d chicken in a satay sauce, served up on a skewer in a clear plastic baggie. And to wash it all down, a freshly opened young coconut with a straw. Incredible:)