And the journey begins. I booked this trip back in July and coordinated it with my friend Jackie so we would take the same flights to and from Bali for 4 weeks of peace, tranquility and balance. 2016 was a year of change, upheaval and transition. This will be an adventure, but a quieter one than my usual solo trips; this will be one of meditation, contemplation and inspiration as I leave 2016 behind and prepare for a new year of abundance in 2017.

Where to begin? The journey to Bali alone was an adventure. A two hour delay due to a snow storm in Toronto meant two things: we would miss our connecting flight in Dubai to Bangkok; and I would get a fleeting moment with Chris at the airport as our two ships (flights) quite literally passed each other at Pearson that snowy evening. Our schedules dictate that we will be apart for over five weeks (he for a conference and work, me for this sojourn) so it was a wonderful delight (and with some security finagling) we got to see each other in person. (there’s a much longer story here, and it’s quite dramatic and romantic, but I digress).

As soon as Jackie and I arrived in Dubai we learned that we had already been removed from our original flight to Bangkok (upon which there would be another connection to Bali) and booked on a direct flight to Bali the next day. Because AirCanada screwed up in their good intentions (we actually could have made our connecting flight because it, too, was delayed) we convinced AirCanada to provide us each a room for the night. Aaaaahhhh. After 13 hours in the air (in economy) it was such a luxury to sleep in a bed and shower before the second leg of our trip…and a luxury to go direct from Dubai! Sometimes misfortune is actually very fortunate.

And now we are in Bali. Jackie and I shared a room in Legian, a beach town close to the airport. It’s extremely touristy and mostly for surfers and low-budget vacationers. It’s loud, dirty and not at all the Bali we were expecting, but it’s a great place to acclimate before we begin our time here. Two nights and one full day were spent relaxing by our rooftop pool (we splurged for a four star hotel a few blocks from the beach – $50/night), wandering the many clothing shops around town and napping/relaxing.

It’s good to be out of the cold and snow and here at last.



The beach is dirty, but we found some relaxing chairs  under an umbrella and re-hydrated with fresh coconut water.

Despite the dirty feeling of this city – the congestion and busyness – there is still beauty on every street. Temples are everywhere, down alley ways and between shops on the main streets, and in front of EVERY shop there is an offering. Spirituality amongst the chaos.

The jet lag set in the second night. I woke up at 2:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep. So what else do you do but head to the rooftop for some meditation under a night sky full of stars and roosters around the city announcing a new day.

Jackie and I have now said goodbye for a while. She’s off to temples near the Gilli Islands, and I’m flying to Java this afternoon for temples and sightseeing of my own. More to come.