An unplanned post: I just received the DVD of the dive pictures that Captain Scott took during our trip with his fancy underwater camera and lighting system. They are stunning and worth posting….it really was like swimming in an aquarium with colourful, cool things to see everywhere you turned. Enjoy.

As I update the blog now, nearly 2 years later, I look back at any photo of me scuba diving and chuckle. I have the worst technique ever. Most divers keep their arms folded in front of them. Partly to preserve heat (it does get cold) but mostly to conserve energy. They try to move their body as little as possible and only gently flutter their legs. I, on the other hand, as you can see in these photos, have my arms flapping all the time. I was also always twirling and somersaulting, either to see new things as they whizzed by me, or out of pure joy of being weightless in the ocean surrounded by such beauty. No wonder my tank always ran out first (despite me being the smallest person in the ‘pool’).