Well, colour me delighted. What better way to ignite a romance than a long weekend away on the west coast. Sunshine, laughter and relaxation.

Chris, the new man in my life, travels a lot for work, was headed to San Fransisco and invite me to join him. We left on a Thursday, just in time to grab a very early dinner near our hotel downtown in the financial district. Friday I headed to a nearby coffee shop to work (I’m loving this new self-employed lifestyle) while Chris fulfilled his work duties with a local corporate client. We then met up around 4pm for a stroll towards AT&T Park to grab some drinks and pub fare at 21st Amendment Brewery on the way. Then it’s ‘take me out to the ballgame, where I’ll root root root for the home team!’ for the night. Positives: the home team won: 7 0 vs the Atlanta Braves. Negatives: I definitely underdressed – who knew San Fransisco is freaking freezing in August?! I thought California was the land of sunshine and warmth!

Saturday was restful. We breakfasted at the Ferry Building and strolled along the waterfront checking out the sites –  the highlights being the crookedest street in the world and the Ghirardelli Factory (of course). A great lazy Saturday of wandering.


After Friday night’s baseball excursion (Chris’ choice), it was my turn to add something to the itinerary. My choice: street art. Anyone who follows my instagram feed (@sarahminielly) knows I love a brightly decorated wall. So off to the Mission District we went for a late brunch and to wander through the the alley ways searching for San Fransisco’s finest graffiti. It’s not an area I’d want to explore alone, but rewarded us with some cool art.


One more full day and we decided to rent bikes for the day and explore the Golden Gate Bridge and more of the waterfront and park areas on two wheels. A fun day and good to get some exercise in…and a new appreciation for how hilly San Fransisco really is!

We ended our day of riding only to rush back to the hotel for a quick shower and wardrobe change (to warmer clothes)….Chris had a surprise planned for me and all he would tell me was that it was outside!

With a permanent expression of anticipation, excitement and joy, Chris lead me to the subway station with a backpack full of secrets. He bought two tickets without me seeing the final destination and we boarded one of the trains. With each stop we traveled away from downtown, then outside of the city along the coast. And each time the train stopped there was the excitement of not knowing if it was our stop or not. About thirty minutes out of the city, our train stopped at Berkeley and Chris grabbed my hand and lead me off the train (as I giggled with excitement) and up the stairs to Berkeley Station. What on earth could be at Berkeley? But I’m game. We followed the crowd towards the campus and across the lawns to where a long line was forming. We snuck in the middle of the line. At this point was pretty sure we were there to see a concert but had no idea who was playing. And when Chris finally handed me my ticket to get into the venue, my surprise was revealed: the Dave Matthews Band at (what I learned is a very famous theatre) the Greek Theatre. The venue itself is worth the trip: a beautiful outdoor amphitheatre under a beautiful dusk sky. The backpack held a big blanket to sit on and our dinner. And then Dave Matthews and his band came on stage for three full hours of great music. A fabulous surprise. A fabulous night. This girl couldn’t stop grinning.


Sad to leave on Tuesday, but a fabulous weekend away. Hope to do more in the future.

Romance is in the air:)