How can it already be the weekend? Our last couple of days were spent snorkeling, stargazing, more snorkeling and beach naps. It’s important to go home from vacation well rested, after all:)

Saturday we stayed local, snorkeling at some of the best Kona lava beaches. We’re learning that the best snorkeling on the island is where lava has once poured into the ocean to create the perfect environment for coral gardens to grow, attracting lots of fish. We needed to stay local today because at 3pm today Chris had booked us for a stargazing tour. After cleaning up after snorkeling we headed to get some snacks and food for a picnic dinner and met the shuttle at 3pm. Our driver and guide’s name was Maka and proceeded to tell us lots of about the geography of the area on our 1.5 hour drive up to Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain on the island and one of the best areas in the world for stargazing. In fact, most of the major telescopes for NASA and other nations in the world (including Canada) are located on the top of Mauna Kea! We headed up to the midway point to eat dinner, then got back into the shuttle for a bumpy (unpaved) drive to the summit for sunset around 7pm. We then got back into the shuttle and headed back towards the visitor center but stopped partway down the mountain where Maka set up a huge ($5k) telescope where he proceeded to give us a full astronomy guided tour with lasers (pointing out different constellations and planets) and letting us see various star clusters and planets in the telescope. Some highlights: seeing the South Cross, then the big (and little) dipper and its relation to the north star…and then great views of Jupiter and Saturn and the moon. It also happened to be one day past a full moon, so it was an incredible view. I highly recommend this tour if you make it to Kona!

Sunday we headed to Two Step, one of the best snorkeling areas on the island. And lots of turtles. We hung out snorkeling, then a picnic lunch, then a nap and more snorkeling before finally heading back to Kona for a lovely last night in paradise.

Today (Monday), Chris left earlier this morning for a few back to back work events in Alberta and I’m hanging out for one last day of blogging by the water before my fight later tonight. Such a great trip, I’m flooded with gratitude to be able to take the time away from work and to travel with my man to such a wonderful (mostly) sunny and warm destination…

Until the next trip,

Layover at LAX and this just in….enjoy:)