Day two in Yangon was even better than day one. Aki, Lili and our new friend Sener (from Turkey) walked around most of the day, first to the port, then to Inye Lake, a large lake in the northern part of the city, and then back to the port where we boarded a long boat which took us to a ‘suburb’ of Yangon across the river.

The port area in the morning was full of people coming in from the ‘suburbs’ across the river to work downtown. Along the river there were street vendors to serve the commuters. Like everywhere else, people were curious about us but as friendly as could be.

Relaxing on one of the ferry boats this morning. These large boats do scheduled trips back and forth. Aki and I got on but then got back off before it left at 9am since we had to get back to our hotel to meet Lili and Sener for the rest of the day.

A long boat. These boats were faster, more frequent and more popular than the bigger ships. Unfortunately for us, Aki and I went first thing in the morning when rush hour was coming to downtown for people to go to work (and not to the other side of the river where they live) so we couldn’t find anyone to take us across. We decided instead to wait until the afternoon when the boats went both ways across the river and we’d have a better chance of grabbing a ride.

On our way back to the hotel/hostel we met and interacted with a number of street vendors.


We then met Lili and Sener and headed to Inye Lake. We had heard so much about its beauty, and it didn’t disappoint. Where we were could have been nicknamed ‘lovers’ lane’; most of the people we saw were canoodling by the lake along the path. We walked around for a couple of hours and grabbed lunch by the lake.

After a couple of hours by the lake we had seen enough. We grabbed a cab and headed back downtown to the port area. Sener had been to a village across the river the day before and told us great things….we were eager to check it out this afternoon before heading to Bagan.

To be continued….

Down near the docks I came across this group of boys playing kickball.